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Infinity Healing Center began its journey into being as a vision of its founder. The physical facilities were completed in 2003 but the heart of the Center continues to grow and evolve with additions of practitioners and specialties. Established mindfully to reflect a "community" concept - each practitioner is independent yet also an important member of the Infinity Healing Center group- with strong commitment to serving the community through education, prevention, treatment and collaboration. Working in partnership with patients and following principles of Holistic Health that state health and well being is more than just not being sick, wellness is viewed on a continuum and is an ongoing journey considering the whole person and situation.

Infinity Healing Center offers an impressive scope of holistic/alternative health services in a spiritually focused, educationally oriented environment. We offer healing options combining western and eastern modalities to achieve maximum well being in which the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies function as a balanced, single unit as nature intended.

IHC current practitioners are some of the best and most unique in Southeastern Wisconsin. As a group, we continue to look for additions to our team. The prerequisite for partnership is to be outstanding in the area of speciality, compassionate, dedicated to the whole person and desiring independence as well as team collaboration and opportunities for community service. We encourage and welcome practitioners with holistic commitment to contact us as we are creative in our collaboration with those sharing similar principals and ideals. We also encourage teachers and educators in these fields to contact us as we feel education and outreach is a vital part of the center's mission.

We welcome all with an open heart. Take an opportunity to visit the Center and see what makes us a unique community and resource for practitioners.