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To schedule this service please see calendar or contact Dan Huber by phone 414-587-6706 or email

During these transitional times, it is important that we all join together and change our consciousness to help change the consciousness of the planet.

We will start our weekly meditation group with the SoulSynch meditation from the O&O Academy in India. Through this, we will access the field of abundance. We will learn how to manifest our heart’s desire in our lives by breaking down barriers and limitations we have about ourselves and our ability to create peace and abundance.

Meditation will be followed by Prana Deeksha from Dan. During which, Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing will be offered by Calleen Bohl to each individual to help clear any physical blocks and to better integrate the energy on a physical level. Please join us at this weekly offering to help you experience more joy, peace, compassion, happiness and love in life. All are welcomed…bring a friend!

About twice a month, we will have a guest presenting a special Meditation-Deeksha-called the Golden Age Consciousness Meditation. This meditation is a gift at this time from Sri Amma Bhagavan. It will help bring you more into alignment with your spirit and help ground the light within you, thus improving relationships, reducing stress and increasing prosperity.

The whole purpose of Oneness is to develop the ability to perceive ones’ higher self and to maintain this higher state of consciousness. Oneness allows you to see who you are. To see that you are divine. To see that you are a unique expression of the Divine/God. Although we are each unique, we all have commonality – wanting stability, peace, security, empathy and compassion and strength in times of challenge. Life doesn’t change, but as we grow in consciousness our responses change.

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