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Each of us in our human forms, feel vulnerable and anxious to some extent more often than not. There are many reasons for this “free floating anxiety”, yet one of the main reasons is a lack of familiarity with how to effectively interact with the different levels of consciousness nature has designed into us as human beings. In fact the design is so exquisite, that it allows us to go through the life cycle in ordered forms that eventually lead to our complete fulfillment as humans.

Yet, most of us suffer, in rather familiar ways, mainly because we are unaware of how to interact fluidly and effectively with the different “languages” our consciousness is trying to help us understand to grow and develop.

The main tool we will use in this exploration of consciousness is the MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument). The MARI is based upon the work of Carl Jung, the eminent psychologist who taught us about our “Shadow”, archetypes, symbolic messages from multiple levels of consciousness and more. Considered to be one of the world’s most prominent “depth” psychologists, Jung was able to interpret and understand the different languages of our psyches in ways that can lead us to unfolding ultimate joy, fulfillment and virtual “Self” actualization.

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