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Tai Chi Fundamentals® (TCF) is a simplified form of traditional Yang style Tai Chi. By modifying complicated movements of traditional form, anyone at any fitness level can benefit from this load bearing mind & body exercise.

1.Slow, no-impact exercise, ideal for increasing stamina, flexibility and coordination
2.A form of Qigong, a Chinese term for energy cultivation, which helps balance energy in the body
3.Enhances relaxation skills, mental focus and physical alignment
4.Builds leg strength, endurance and stability

T’ai Chi means “Supreme Ultimate”. It is a slow, no-impact Chinese exercise which integrates mind, body and spirit to function in harmony with the external world. T’ai-Chi facilitates both strength and endurance through slow, relaxed and purposeful physical movements of the body, accompanied by deep belly breathing and mental concentration (meditation) for the purpose of control and achieving a more balanced “body and mind” state.

T’ai Chi trains a person to relax external muscles and utilize deeper structural muscles, which strengthens the tendons and the bones. It teaches to take the stress off the back, hips, and shoulders, and to allow the large muscles in the legs to support the weight, which contributes to enhanced balance as well as improved ability in daily activities. It is a moderate aerobic exercise that can reduce stress levels and enhance the body’s immune response.

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