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To schedule this service contact Dan Huber by phone 414-587-6706 or email

Children have natural spiritual abilities and interests. They commonly use their innate intuition in many ways, communicate with the spirit world and are open to a wide range of spiritual experiences. Unfortunately, our culture frequently squelches these interests and abilities with the result of stunting their spiritual development. The goal of this program is to help them normalize, develop and openly express their spiritual experiences in a group of like minded peers. Parents will learn how to:

Foster spiritual growth in children
Introduce them to their own unique ways of experiencing the spirit world
Expand their emotional and spiritual skills to develop into Enlightened Consciousness

Prepare them to lead the world in more harmonious, peaceful ways

Camp activities will include Yoga/meditation activities for children, nurturing games, exposure to indigenous methods of knowing, storytelling, games, dancing, and singing and arts crafts activities. A typical camp schedule is as follows:

Movement exercises and “brain gym” to activate and balance key brain structures responsible for clear thinking and feeling

Meditative/nurturing activities

Indigenous story telling to expand their awareness of how different cultures interpret the spiritual world to its’ members

Arts/crafts/singing/dancing to give expression to their spiritual feelings/experiences.

Connecting with nature through drumming, spiritual gardening.

There will also be a parent component in which we will work on ways parents can not only expand their path to enlightenment but also learn skills they can use to help their children experience enlighten ways of being. Activities for parents will include:

Discussion of the stages of spiritual development in children.

Demonstration/experience of skills parents can use to encourage spiritual development in children.

Exploration of parent’s ancestral roots & how our history affects our current parenting abilities.

Exploration of the coming changes in human consciousness and our role as leaders of this historical shift.

Becoming part of a support group of like minded parents to help ourselves and our children expand our spiritual natures to alleviate live more joyfully.

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