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To understand Infinity Healing Center, you need to know something about how it began. Its’ journey into being started in 2003 as a vision of founder, Saeid Rahmanpanah. After several significant health and life challenges, Saeid , found himself at a major crossroads both physically and spiritually. He found help (or possibly it found him) that changed his life and changed most of his ideas about what it means to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

The Center began as a path towards personal renewal and through this journey came the hope that it could be a place for others to explore non-traditional ideas, people, spirituality and healing.

Infinity Healing Center has grown slowly and intentionally. Those who knew Saeid remember his determination and vision…but there were certainly challenges. The vision matured over time and through the wonderful people he connected to and spent time with. IHC could never have developed without the thoughtful presence of those who have or continue to practice here and certainly not without the loving help (both physical and spiritual) that he received along the way.

Saeid transitioned unexpectedly in 2013. He touched many people and was a fearless champion of those close to him. He is missed. Through the energy, care and love of those who are drawn to bring their work here…the Center continues to grow in new and wonderful ways. Infinity is dedicated to the memory of Saeid who hoped to help people find ways to open their hearts and to joyfully realize their own energetic journeys. As we continue to move ahead, in a non-linear way, it seems an appropriate time to visually represent this journey.

Our Infinity triangle logo with definite yin, yang and traditional healing representations has been turned and spun – a metamorphosis and beautiful representation of our growth, synergy and commitment to embracing change. Created by Artist Sue Schneck…..this (and other) artwork has been donated for our new website. We knew it was time to make this change when we saw this art! Synchronicity!

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