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Infinity-Healing-Center-Misa-Tsuyoshi-largeTAI CHI INSTRUCTOR

Misa Tsuyoshi has been a familiar face around Infinity Healing Center for a while, teaching weekly Tai Chi classes as well as leading workshops. We are very excited to welcome her as a resident practitioner starting this spring!

Misa grew up in Japan, and attended university in Tokyo, studying American literature. Her diverse background includes mounted archery, working at a major publishing company, and teaching aerobics. After leaving the workplace to raise her son, Misa decided to learn Tai Chi. While she loved the beautiful movements of Tai Chi from the beginning, she felt was not getting the proper benefit from the instructional tapes she’d borrowed from the library.

As her son grew up, she went back to work as an aerobic teacher, and eventually became an AFAA certified Personal Fitness Trainer. “I always enjoyed connecting with people, that was my favorite,” she explains. “Watching them become stronger and happier-I just love that feeling.” Still, she felt drawn to Tai Chi.

Through Barb Foote, Misa met her first Tai Chi teacher. “I started learning and eventually teaching, but I still felt I wanted to focus on the basic movements. The formal choreographed movements are beautiful, but I want my clients to benefit from the basic, deep movements first.” Misa went on to learn Tai Chi Fundamentals®, a simplified form of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi, with Patricia Corrigan Culotti as well as Tricia Yu, the founder of Tai Chi Fundamentals®. Misa has her Level 3 Tai Chi Fundamentals® certification, as well as a certification in Adapted Tai Chi Fundamentals®. She also practices Spring Forest QiGong with Master Chunyi Lin and is a certified Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader. Her personal transformation has inspired her to continue exploring the art of Tai Chi. “I felt stronger [after practicing], and so much more calm and patient.” she explains. Sharing this knowledge with others has brought more dimension to her personal practice as well. “Seeing people progress, and do things they could not before-that joy is just contagious,” she relates. Her small class sizes and dedication to the study of tai chi allows her students to reap huge benefits from attending her classes.

Misa is looking forward to being at Infinity Healing Center on a regular basis. “I have a beautiful home to invite people to come experience Tai Chi Fundamentals or Spring Forest QiGong,” she says of the Center. “It’s a very peaceful place.” Misa plans to continue offering her small Tai Chi Fundamentals and QiGong classes, while periodically offering workshops to foster further learning and exploration among her students. If you are visiting the center this month, be sure to stop in to say hello, or better yet, take a class or workshop!




Tai Chi Fundamentals® (TCF) is a simplified form of traditional Yang style Tai Chi. By modifying complicated movements of traditional form, anyone at any fitness level can benefit from this load bearing mind & body exercise.

Cost and schedule – Please contact Misa for schedule, registration and fee details!

1. Slow, no-impact exercise, ideal for increasing stamina, flexibility and coordination
2. A form of Qigong, a Chinese term for energy cultivation, which helps balance energy in the body
3. Enhances relaxation skills, mental focus and physical alignment
4. Builds leg strength, endurance and stability

T’ai Chi means “Supreme Ultimate”. It is a slow, no-impact Chinese exercise which integrates mind, body and spirit to function in harmony with the external world. T’ai-Chi facilitates both strength and endurance through slow, relaxed and purposeful physical movements of the body, accompanied by deep belly breathing and mental concentration (meditation) for the purpose of control and achieving a more balanced “body and mind” state.

T’ai Chi trains a person to relax external muscles and utilize deeper structural muscles, which strengthens the tendons and the bones. It teaches to take the stress off the back, hips, and shoulders, and to allow the large muscles in the legs to support the weight, which contributes to enhanced balance as well as improved ability in daily activities. It is a moderate aerobic exercise that can reduce stress levels and enhance the body’s immune response.

Health effects of T’ai Chi

• Prevents Falling and reinforces daily activities • Helps gaining endurance, strength, flexibility and relaxation • Other benefits: Cardiovascular, neuromuscular, psychological and musculoskeletal benefits.

Misa Tsuyoshi has been learning Tai Chi Fundamentals® with Patricia Corrigan Culotti and the founder of Tai Chi Fundamentals® Tricia Yu, and is a certified instructor. She believes that learning Tai Chi will help anyone perform at his or her best because Tai Chi teaches how to move the body in the most efficient and effective way. Her passion is to help people gaining functional strength without straining their body, and maintain healthy mind and body which are interdependent.

She has been practicing Spring Forest Qigong, which is focused on energy healing. She is also a certified group exercise instructor, and an AFAA certified Personal Fitness Trainer.
Improve your functional strength

Are you looking for a way to improve your balance? Searching for a very gentle work-out that works both mind and body? Wanting to be stronger so that daily activities will be easier? Come join Misa and learn the basics of Tai Chi Fundamentals. This class will focus on the basic movements for better balance and relaxation of body and mind.

Thursdays 11 :45 - 12:30 - Beginning in October

Cost and schedule - Please contact Misa for schedule, registration and fee details!

About the Instructor:

Misa is certified as a Tai Chi Fundamentals Level 3 Instructor/Tai Chi Fundamentals Adapted Program Basic Moves and Short Form Instructor. She believes learning Tai Chi will help anyone perform at his or her best because it teaches how to move the body in the most efficient and effective way.

Her passion is to help people gain functional strength without straining the body and maintain healthy mind and body which are interdependent. She includes mindfulness standing meditation (called "centering" in this program) in her classes. Misa also offers Spring Forest QiGong Classes.
Spring Forest Qigong offers simple yet powerful techniques for cultivating one's energy for health.

This class will introduce basics on how Spring Forest Qigong works:

Breathing techniques, no-impact gentle movements, simple techniques/visualization/meditation for optimal health, wellness, happiness and healing. Join Misa and experience the power of your mind and how to use it to help the healing process in your body, mind and spirit.

The vision of Spring Forest QiGong:
"A Healer in Every Home and a World Without Pain and Suffering"
Master Chunyi Lin (found of SF Qigong)

Classes starting in September - Tuesdays 10:45-11:45am
Cost: $90
Pre-registration required....please contact Misa for additional class information at:

About Misa:
Misa Tsuyoshi is a certified Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Trainer and a Practice Group Leader, a certified Tai Chi Fundamentals instructor and also a meditation facilitator.

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