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Certified Spring Forest Qigong Healer, Certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor, Certified Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Trainer, Certified Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader. She has been learning with internationally recognized Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin (the founder of Spring Forest Qigong) and certified through Spring Forest Qigong Institute and the Energy Healing International (MN approved private school). She was awarded “Certified Qigong Trainer Of The Year” in 2018.

Certified Original Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program Instructor and a Certified Tai Chi Fundamentals® Adapted Program Basic Moves and Short Form Instructor. She has been learning Tai Chi Fundamentals® with Patricia Corrigan Culotti and Tricia Yu, the founder of the program.

Certified AFAA Personal Trainer and a meditation facilitator. Member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association, the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce and The Wellness Fair.
Misa loves to move. In college she belonged to the Equestrian Team. She enjoyed attending aerobic classes. She walked or biked everywhere. She used to swim 1 mile a day after attending an aerobics class. She excelled in Japanese Traditional Horseback Archery. After she moved to the US, she taught group fitness (cardio/functional strength) classes.

Then she was drawn to Tai Chi. Initially she started practicing a traditional Yang Style Tai Chi. She enjoyed the graceful flowing movements, but she wanted to learn something simple and practical. She went on to learn Tai Chi Fundamentals® (simplified form of Yang Style Tai Chi) then became a certified instructor.

In 2012 while recovering from a major surgery, she was introduced to Spring Forest Qigong, founded by the internationally recognized Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin. Her remarkable recovery brought by this simple and powerful healing Qigong lead her to explore the path of learning Qigong. She visited Spring Forest Qigong Headquarter in Minnesota for training and intensive retreats and received certifications. She still visits there frequently to receive more advanced training and to keep her knowledge and skills updated.

She offers various Qigong / Tai Chi classes, Qigong Practice Group in a small intimate group setting at Infinity Healing Center (3305 N. 124 th St. Brookfield, WI. 53005). She also offers formal Qigong training seminars.

Another service Misa has to offer is Private Qigong Healing. When she was a child, she loved animals and insects. Whenever she saw injured bird or animals (including a lizard) she gave them healing hands. She once performed CPR on a pet chipmunk even though she never learned how to do that. After she has learned Qigong healing techniques, she knew healing others is her gift.

She did more than 250 free healing (in-person and distance) sessions to be tested as a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer candidate and had very positive results and feedbacks. Then she successfully finished the pre-training courses and attended the certification intensive training at Spring Forest Qigong Headquarter in Minnesota. She was then successfully certified by Spring Forest Qigong and the Energy Healing International, a private school which is approved by the state of Minnesota.

Please visit to see what she has to offer.

She has been teaching different things for over a decade and used to call herself an “instructor/teacher”.

Now Misa calls herself a “Simple Wellness Facilitator”. She realized that her job is to make it easy for each person to find and strengthen his or her uniqueness by helping both body and mind energy balanced and nurtured. This way, she believes, everyone will experience one’s optimal health and happiness.

When she started learning and sharing the programs which awakened her to focus on Qi (energy) within and around herself, she noticed that each person already has something that is waiting to emerge or to be noticed. Spring Forest Qigong helped her tremendously on her journey. Also, her Qigong knowledge has deepened the way she teaches Tai Chi.

She has been focused on offering simple programs–Spring Forest Qigong and Tai Chi Fundamentals. Simple enough so that anyone can practice, enjoy and facilitate healing and wellness.

Her philosophy —when both physical and mental energy are balanced, self-healing and recovering takes place faster and at a deeper level. Would it be difficult to make it happen? Do we need to do something complicated or things that takes long time to learn? No. As Master Chunyi Lin, the founder of Spring Forest Qigong says, the simplest things are the most powerful, she has learned.

Her passion is to offer a time and space for people to breathe, smile and move, learn something they can do themselves, and gain optimal health, functional strength, happiness, joy and peaceful mind.

She hopes to educate her clients to be his or her own “wellness facilitator”.

You can find her speaking about and doing demonstrations introducing Spring Forest Qigong in her area—at local health and wellness events as well as wellness professional group meetings.

Please join her and take a path which will help you to have the happy and joyful life you are meant to have.

With Gratitude and Love.

Misa Tsuyoshi-Simple Wellness Facilitator LLC.




In this class, you can learn the basic movements of Tai Chi Fundamentals®, a simplified form of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi. This class will help you to improve balance and functional strength to make your daily life more enjoyable. Misa also incorporates standing meditation/breathing technique/visualization as a mindfulness practice as well as Qigong elements to help you experience the benefit of Tai Chi from energy perspective.

For details, please contact Misa:
About Tai Chi Fundamentals® (TCF)

Slow, no-impact exercise, ideal for increasing stamina, flexibility and coordination
A form of Qigong, a Chinese term for energy cultivation
Enhances relaxation skills, mental focus and physical alignment
Builds leg strength, endurance and stability

Tai Chi means “Supreme Ultimate”. It is a slow, no-impact Chinese exercise which integrates mind, body and spirit to function in harmony with the external world. Tai-Chi facilitates both strength and endurance through slow, relaxed movement. With the knees bent and the body relaxed in proper alignment, dramatic load-bearing benefits occur. The continuous movement in a flexed stance promotes endurance. It is a technique that uses slow, purposeful physical movements of the body, accompanied by deep belly breathing and mental concentration (meditation) for the purpose of control and achieving a more balanced “body and mind” state.

Tai Chi trains a person to relax external muscles and utilize deeper structural muscles, which strengthens the tendons and the bones. It teaches to take the stress off the back, hips, and shoulders, and to allow the large muscles in the legs to support the weight, which contributes to enhanced balance (fall prevention) as well as improved ability in daily activities. It is a moderate aerobic exercise that can reduce stress levels and enhance the body’s immune response.

TCF provides a simplified approach for mastering Tai Chi basics. It can serve as a complete exercise for any one.

Differences between traditional Tai Chi and TCF

Traditional Tai Chi—Developed by Chinese martial arts experts in order to advance their skills / Incorporates highly complex movements / Includes one set sequence of movements that takes 12-20 minutes to perform / Is learned most easily by individuals with some movement training

TCF—Developed by Tricia Yu, as a simplified version of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi with emphasis on balance, coordination, strength and endurance / Incorporates movements with progress in difficulty / Includes the Movement Patterns as well as The Fundamentals Form / Is accessible to most ambulatory adults.

Health effects of Tai Chi

Tai Chi not only prevents falling but benefits both body and mind. It contributes to both emotional and physical wellness and reinforces daily activities
Prevents Falling and reinforces daily activities
Fall prevention— Improves standing balance control under reduced or conflicting sensory conditions / Reduced risk of falling and fear of falling / Maintained strength and balance Reinforces daily activities—Reinforces simple activities such as rising from a chair, pushing and pulling, lifting, sweeping, raking, vacuuming, bowling, and playing tennis

Body / Mind benefits: Tai Chi helps gaining endurance, strength, flexibility and relaxation

Weight bearing / Strengthening exercise—Improves flexibility and strength of older adults / May help retard bone loss in post-menopausal women

Emotional health—Reduced tension, depression, anger, confusion and mood disturbance Decreased pain, stiffness and fewer perceived difficulties in physical functioning—Increased abdominal muscle strength and balance in older women with osteoarthritis
Improve your functional strength

Are you looking for a way to improve your balance? Searching for a very gentle work-out that works both mind and body? Wanting to be stronger so that daily activities will be easier? Come join Misa and learn the basics of Tai Chi Fundamentals. This class will focus on the basic movements for better balance and relaxation of body and mind.

Thursdays 11 :45 - 12:30 - Beginning in October

Cost and schedule - Please contact Misa for schedule, registration and fee details!

About the Instructor:

Misa is certified as a Tai Chi Fundamentals Level 3 Instructor/Tai Chi Fundamentals Adapted Program Basic Moves and Short Form Instructor. She believes learning Tai Chi will help anyone perform at his or her best because it teaches how to move the body in the most efficient and effective way.

Her passion is to help people gain functional strength without straining the body and maintain healthy mind and body which are interdependent. She includes mindfulness standing meditation (called "centering" in this program) in her classes. Misa also offers Spring Forest QiGong Classes.
Spring Forest Qigong offers simple yet powerful techniques for cultivating one's energy for health.

This class will introduce basics on how Spring Forest Qigong works:

Breathing techniques, no-impact gentle movements, simple techniques/visualization/meditation for optimal health, wellness, happiness and healing. Join Misa and experience the power of your mind and how to use it to help the healing process in your body, mind and spirit.

The vision of Spring Forest QiGong:
"A Healer in Every Home and a World Without Pain and Suffering"
Master Chunyi Lin (found of SF Qigong)

Classes starting in September - Tuesdays 10:45-11:45am
Cost: $90
Pre-registration required....please contact Misa for additional class information at:

About Misa:
Misa Tsuyoshi is a certified Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Trainer and a Practice Group Leader, a certified Tai Chi Fundamentals instructor and also a meditation facilitator.
By appointment ONLY.

Misa, a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Healer will detect and remove energy blockages without touching. She will work on the root cause (energy imbalance) of the symptom as well as energy blockages which might not have taken physical forms. She will give you healing energy and recommendations -so that you can be actively participating your own healing. Her goal is to help you to be your own healing facilitator. She can help you to heal not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

For details, please contact Misa:"
In this small group healing session offered by a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Healer/Instructor/Trainer, the key elements of Spring Forest Qigong such as Movements, Breathing Techniques, Guided Meditation and Chanting will be offered. And even better ---everyone will receive healing while meditating. Due to the nature of this class, the spots are limited.

For details, please contact Misa:"
In this group Qigong Movements session, you will enjoy “Moving Meditation”, “Mindfulness” practices combined with visualizations to facilitate self-healing and balance your energy.

For details, please contact Misa:"
In this lecture/sample movements/meditation class you will learn the Qigong wisdom sprouted from Chinese Medicine and the teaching of Tao. Each session will focus on one topic. Misa will share Qigong teachings, the sample do-able techniques such as: easy and gentle hand movements to help balance the energy physically, emotionally and spiritually / Breathing techniques / How to use the power of your mind / Guided Meditation / Message & Information Healing.

For details, please contact Misa:"
Join Misa- a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader- and experience the power of your mind and how to use it to help healing process in your body, mind and spirit. She will share no-impact gentle energy movement exercises and breathing/visualization technique as well as guided meditation and or chanting.

Misa offers this Practice Group as her love sharing ---- Love Donation to cover the cost is requested.

For details, please contact Misa:"
About Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ)
Spring Forest Qigong, created by Grand Master Chunyi Lin, is based on the simple yet profound understanding that everything in the universe is energy. The ancient Chinese scholars called this universal energy qi (pronounced "chee"). “Gong” means the “to practice” or “to transform” or “to cultivate”. Qigong, then, means to cultivate, practice and transform energy. In China, the study and practice of transforming the energy (qi) to live a life of optimum health, wellness, and happiness are called qigong.

Qigong is an ancient healing practice, which brings a person’s mind, body, and heart energy together to achieve balance through active meditative movements and sitting meditations. The energy in a person’s body “qi.” works in this way: when qi flows smoothly in the body, life is good, and you are physically and mentally healthy. When the flow of qi is interrupted, energy blockages form and can lead to physical or mental health problems. When qi totally stops, that is the end of life.

Qigong practice helps the qi (energy) in the body flow freely so the body stays in balance and healthy, which helps prevent energy blockages. It can also help heal energy blockages when the body is sick. Many people in China practice qigong, and many doctors teach their patients different qigong exercises and postures to help them heal.

Traditional qigong techniques can be very difficult to learn, requiring years of rigid, disciplined practice to develop proficiency. Traditional qigong masters still withhold the most powerful qigong techniques from all but a select few.

After years of dedicated study with some of the finest qigong masters in his home country China, Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin has taken away the mystery, rigid discipline, and difficulty.

In SFQ he has created a technique that is so simple anyone can learn it, yet it is very, very powerful. His Vision is “A healer in every family and a world without pain”.

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