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Barbara Foote, B.A. EDU. CFI., Yoga Teacher, Phoenix Rising Yoga Training Level I & II, CERTIFICATE, Kripalu Yoga Center Training, 24 years experience. A certified group exercise instructor for over 20 years . Barb has accumulated over 160 hours of teacher training.  CEU’s / Advanced Teacher Training include – Astanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Integral Yoga, Windsor Pilates and Buddhist Meditation Techniques with Nischala Joy Devi.




VINYASANA FLOW – This class is for more experienced yoga students. A VINYASANA, is a series of poses linked together in a dynamic sequence. Sun Salutation is an example of a yoga VINYASANA. This type of practice progresses from one posture to the next in a flow of movement. Vinyasana practice at Infinity Healing Center is NOT power yoga, nor is it fast paced, however participants need to know basic yoga fundamentals. Core strengthening is also incorporated into the format, as well as SHAVASANA ( guided relaxation and silent meditation).

CARDIO, CORE & YOGA – If you want a total body workout this is the class for you!!!  The first 20 minutes of class is designed to elevate the heart rate with rhythmic, barefoot dance exercise movement. Next, participants are provided with 2-5 lb. hand held free weights. These weights are utilized in various different exercises  to develop core strength. The last 20 minutes of class is composed of gentle, basic yoga postures which help cool down and stretch out all the major muscles.

MIXED LEVEL YOGA – Do you want a gentle, slow moving, yet challenging yoga class, designed to make everyone feel successful? Then join us in Mixd Level Yoga. Emphasis is placed on proper alignment and body mechanics to perfect basic asanas or postures. These postures create the foundation of a good yoga practice. Core strengthening is a fundamental component necessary for stronger, smarter postures. Pranayama breathing techniques are introduced and each class ends with Shavasana, guided relaxation and silent meditation.

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