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To schedule this service contact Dan Huber by phone 414-587-6706 or email

Neurotherapy is a method used to manage a range of mental as well as physical health problems. With neurotherapy, electrodes are attached to various parts of a person’s scalp. Different presenting problems require electrodes in different areas of the scalp. The electrical activity in the brain is then transferred to a computer program which monitors the EEG. The brain wave activity is modified to reduce the presenting problem. Neurotherapy is a safe, painless and effective method to treat a variety of issues, such as Attention Deficit Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, migraine headaches and more. Often, if a person is medicated for such problems, Neurotherapy can greatly reduce or in some cases eliminate the need for medication.

Dan Huber, Ph. D. would be happy to give you a free demonstration at your convenience of this method, which can be especially helpful in treating childhood/adolescent difficulties. If you have a referral, I would be pleased to discuss the case with you and evaluate the appropriateness of neurotherapy as an adjunctive form of therapy.

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