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To schedule this service contact Dan Huber by phone 414-587-6706 or email

The Mindfulness Based Management of Behavior Program is an eight week psychoeducational program designed to help all children/adolescents manage their behavior more effectively, yet specifically designed to help children who struggle in this area. This would include children/adolescents with Attention Deficit Disorders, learning/emotional disabilities, and Autism/Asperger’s spectrum disorders.

The Mindfulness Based Management of Behavior program is a 75 minute group session in which children/adolescents are helped to become more aware of the influences on their behavioral reactions, such as emotions, thoughts, social relationships, moods and temperament.

Groups will be formed by developmental age (6-8, 9-12, 13-15, and 16-18). Parents will be given a series of interview forms to help access specific behavioral concerns that need to be addressed in the program with the intent of monitoring progress and program effectiveness.

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