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Korean Hand Acupuncture is an acupuncture method invented by Dr. Tae Woo Yoo 1971-1975 and is used by doctors, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc, in private clinics and in hospitals around the world. All the principles underlying traditional body acupuncture are also found in KHA.

Establishing the correspondence between every part of the body and its point on the hand is the basis for the first level of treatment in Koryo Sooji Kim.

In KHA the needles are much smaller and depth of penetration is much shallower. Thus, the discomfort of treatment is minimized. The speed and intensity of effect can be overwhelming, while there are no vital structures in the region of treatment, so the complications are never seen in Hand Acupuncture.

In addition to or in place of hand needles, various other modalities of treatment are employed. Among them are different type of needles such as T needles, baby needles, triangular needles, inclined needles, gold and silver needles, plum blossom needle. Finally, different types of moxibustion, magnets, medicinal stones, pressure and electricity are also used.

Treatment is done with massage, heating, pellets on adhesives, micro-needles, magnets and electric micro-currents. The effect can come rapidly, depending on the problem and how correctly you treat.

The treatment of KHA is performed on both hands. It is based upon the theory, that the hand is a micro-universe of the human body. The backside of the body is represented on the backside of the hand and the foreside on the palm of the hand. Basically, the body is divided in half down the middle and problems on the right side are treated on the right hand and vice versa. Problems on the vertebrae or the gastro- intestinal tract till the head can be treated on both hands. The functions of human physiology can be influenced by stimulating specific corresponding points on the hand for the treatment and prevention of specific conditions and for health maintenance.

The advantages of the Korean Hand Acupuncture
It is one of the most efficacious acupuncture treatment experienced in clinical practice. There are several options to using needles and this is extremely important in certain circumstances:

  • When a person has a fear of needles
  • When a child needs treatment
  • When a person is too sensitive to the treatment
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