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To schedule this service contact Tony Grimm by phone 414-543-0855 or email

The John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach® is a safe, gentle hands-on effective form of bodywork that produces results that last. JFB MFR is not massage. It’s more like a type of hands-on physical therapy that gets results. Using a steady, sustained, gentle pressure held for a few minutes at a time, painful restrictions release, resulting in a reduction of pain.

Myofascial restrictions from injuries such as falls, accidents, and other traumas do not show up in many of the standard tests (x-rays, myelograms, CAT scans, electromyography, etc.), and can put immense pressure on pain sensitive structures causing debilitating symptoms.

Pain medications, do nothing about the “straight-jacket” of pressure that is causing the pain. Traditional physical, occupational and massage therapy treats the symptoms. This is why so many patients only have temporary results never seeming to get better with traditional therapy. Only Myofascial Release treats the entire Myofascial mind/body complex, eliminating the pressure of the restricted Myofascial system (the straightjacket) that causes the symptoms.

Benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy
JFB MFR is helpful for conditions such as: neck and back pain, bulging discs, tennis elbow, migraines, sciatica, soft tissue injuries, or any long-term chronic pain from the result of car accidents, falls, injuries and/or surgeries.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

  • Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out a New Client Information form.
  • Please wear sports gear, or a modest swimsuit or underwear.
  • Myofascial release is skin-on-skin contact.  Please do NOT wear any body lotion.  I need to connect to your fascial system and cannot do that if you are wearing lotion.
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