Spiritual Life Coaching

testimage Remembering that energy follows intention, we will work together to clarify and address your desires/intentions. Through a combination of channeling, discussion and personal insight each individual will be assisted in opening to their own Divine gifts and their own way of connecting to them to help them attain their desired goals. The emphasis will always be on developing and committing to personal practices and strengths so that Spiritual growth remains an independent rather than a dependant process. Individuals can expect suggestions to begin and/or to improve their own personal meditation practices to support their stated goals and desires. This is generally a multi-session process.

Spiritual Life Coaching is a positive, creative approach designed to help to turn life's difficulties into valuable spiritual growth. Both traditional and non-traditional coaching and discussion methods are used in these sessions. Transformation and healing occurs through multiple techniques, tapping ancient processes, using dialogue and by learning new skills, unlearning old self-defeating beliefs, while finding inner strength.

Life Coaching is a powerful and beautiful process that facilitates self-discovery and transformation on a very deep level. The premise behind coaching is that each client has their own best answers and holds the key to allowing their inner gifts to emerge.

Coaching provides an on-going supportive relationship whereby the client's strengths, values & desires are unearthed and expressed in their daily life. If the person fully commits to the process, the coaching process helps and supports the client in moving forward into living a richly authentic and inspired life.