Adolescent Group Therapy


Adolescents are social creatures, in the midst of learning their social skills, and are often more trusting of others their own age than of adults. This makes the group therapy setting an ideal choice when counseling becomes necessary for this age group. They are excellent at being able to learn from one another while observing and teaching appropriate skills as they grow. These days a lot of teens suffer from mental disturbance as an impact of peer pressure or as a result of some disease. But the respite from it lies in opting for adolescent group therapy. It helps the self centered and withdrawn adolescents to get back to the normal track of life and live it to the fullest. The centers that provide such therapies work towards getting normal lifestyle by using various imaging, light, and sound techniques.

Group therapy alone is a very powerful concept that helps people in similar situations to meet and get relief from their common problem. In case of adolescent group therapy, the mentally disturbed adolescents are put under scanner of various trained therapists who try to normalize their condition by using some lighter means.

They help them talk about their fears and apprehensions, which helps them vent out their feelings about different things. Use of creative arts is yet another successful formula of adolescent group therapy. It helps tap the hidden potential of individuals who may themselves be not aware of it. Also, some adolescents may not be very open to talk about their feelings. Thus, they could express their feelings with the help of diagrams and symbols.

For an adolescent group therapy program to be successful it is extremely important to have a discussion with all the members of the group and in case an adolescent is not open to verbalizing his feelings then he may use creative art for the same.

Yoga is also a very important part of such group therapies. Since it is meant to render inner peace and tranquility, it is widely used to settle the inner explosiveness that some of the members may be suffering from. Also, it is a good means to keep up their health.

 The adolescent group therapy programs allow for the interpersonal and intrapersonal growth of the members through various discussions and one-to-one sessions with experienced counselors. This therapy revolves around the principle that the life of adolescents is guided by self expression and peer interaction. The therapy is based on both of these factors and its complete structure is meant to cater to these particular requirements.

Since adolescents groups address more internal issues like grief and withdrawal, they may make use of more personal arts like paintings and poetry to give expression to the feelings of the individuals. Social competency is promoted in every individual which is primary to the success of the therapy. Thus, it can be said that adolescent group therapy is an initiative to get an adolescent back to his normal life where he is able to match feet with his counterparts and walk steadily on the path of life.