Consciously Approaching Life

testimage We are Divinely supported throughout our lifetime. Divine Wisdom, Angels and Ascended Beings are constantly available to us if we choose to open to their presence in our lives and seek their guidance.

Often though, we don't turn our awareness to them until we are faced with challenges or hardships. During these times their messages and support can be especially helpful and comforting. Whether we are facing specific physical, emotional, or other challenges or if we simply want to improve the quality of our inner experience of connectedness, we can do this through meditation and reflection. Connection to Divine Guidance is available to any and all who desire it. Our attention normally lacks a singular focus. Often, much of our attention is absorbed by reliving the past or by worrying what might happen in the future.

Meditation and mindfulness can help us to disengage from events and learn to instead be and observer. We can learn to respond to circumstances wisely rather than react to things out of habit.