Collaborative Healing Session

testimage These sessions are based upon the accepted belief that   our thoughts and choices influence our   reality. Because of this, we are the only ones who can effect real change in our lives, health and wellness by becoming aware of our choices, habits and patterns. During these sessions we begin by connecting to Higher Awareness to help us understand what choices we have made consciously or unconsciously that have influenced our imbalances whether physical, emotional and/or spiritual. Once we learn the causes, we ask for guidance from the Source for how we can participate in our own self healing and learn to maintain this empowerment. This may be done in a single session or an individual may choose to engage in multiple sessions depending upon their own personal needs. A collaborative healing session may play a large role in identifying areas of stagnation. Commitment to the process of growth and self empowerment are necessary in order for these sessions to be worthwhile.  

Private healing sessions are available by appointment at the office and remote sessions are offered by telephone.