Intuitive Consulting

testimage Given the complexities of the lives we lead, there may be times when we face a challenge that is particularly daunting or difficult to address. During these times it can be helpful to augment traditional approaches with Intuitive insights. Intuitive consulting should never replace medical, psychological or legal services. These modalities are integral to problem resolution. Intuitive consulting should, instead be viewed as a complimentary service that can support these more traditional paths.

Through meditation and channeling, individuals will be assisted in seeing additional facets of the challenges they are addressing thereby giving them greater insight into the path of understanding and resolution. Intuitive consulting cannot guarantee issue resolution as that is directly related to individual choices in thoughts, words and deeds. However, suggestions can be provided to assist individuals in expanding their view of the overall situation and related issues.

During this session your questions are answered with gentle guidance and clarity. The experience offers you an opportunity to dialogue with Higher Wisdom and see and feel things you might not be conscious of in your daily life. You can expect the experience to provide you with a sense of well-being, self-discovery and increased clarity along your path. This is an opportunity to develop a more intimate relationship with your Higher Self.