Hydrotherapy Aerobic Spa

The Aerobic Spa is a hydro-therapy device that spays oxygenated water in a steam-cabinet, providing a ‘passive workout’ that has all the benefits of aerobic exercise while rinsing away toxins. The benefits of using this product include CV conditioning, which in turn lower the risk of stroke or heart disease, lower blood pressure, increased circulation, reduced inflammation and metabolic benefits such as increased production of hormones.

Spa Sessions

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Benefits with Aerobic Spa

Weight reduction

Metabolism Benefits

Mental Function Benefits

Hydrothermal Therapy Benefits

Deeply purify the skin and body

Assists in the removal of toxins

Relax both mind and body

Cardiovascular Benefits

Better night’s sleep


Would you like to:
      • Have a refreshing workout?
      • Release tension and stress?
      • Purify the skin of your whole body?
      • Feel recharged and energized?
The Aerobic Spa:
      • an almost effortless aerobic experience
      • oxygenated shower massage
      • the power of ultra-pure oxygenated water
      • complete and total relaxation

Aerobic Spa is a premium grade hydrotherapy device utilizing ultra-pure oxygenated water, heat and steam. The heated therapeutic water combined with moist steam, stimulates the cardiovascular system, increases circulation, purifies the skin, soothes joint pain and induces relaxation. The unique properties of aerobic spa water draws perspired toxins from the body leaving the skin silky smooth. Similar to physical activity and other forms of exercise, an
Aerobic Spa session provides a refreshing work out experience without muscle fatigue.
While comfortably sitting in a highly engineered spa-like enclosure with your head on the outside, your body is immersed in a cascade of flowing ultra-pure oxygenated water. The soothing water is self administered via a spray nozzle and can be directed to the area of the body you desire. Adjustable temperature controls inside the spa enclosure allow for precision setting for the ultimate experience.
As you become warmer and begin to perspire, the ultra-pure active oxygenated water draws the sweat contaminants away assisting the removal of toxins. Since the water is continually filtered to an ultra-pure state (under 10 parts per million of total dissolved solids), it is empty and actively draws the perspired toxins from the body. When your session is complete, your skin will be silky smooth and you will feel as if you had a stimulating work out without muscle fatigue.
Individual judgment and caution should always be considered before entering the Aerobic Spa. The Aerobic Spa is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

* The Aerobic Bath is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease

The Aerobic Spa Features:

• 15 inch flat panel touch screen control
• Wireless heart rate monitor
• Heart rate charting during spa session
• User selectable conditioning level setting
• User accessible water temperature up/down controls in spa chamber
• Sanitize cycle automatically cleans bath between users
• Aerobic Spa generates steam for enhanced skin pore opening
• User selectable spa cycle time
• User selectable water temperature
• Fresh water used for each bath cycle
• Water drained after each bath cycle

Why Take an Aerobic Spa?

• An effortless workout
• Deeply purify the skin and body
• Assists in the removal of toxins
• Relax both mind and body
• Weight reduction
• Re-energize
• Better night’s sleep

Metabolism Benefits:

• Decreases body fat
• Increases depth of breathing
• Supports healthy digestion
• Supports healthy immune system

Cardiovascular Benefits:

• Supports vascular health
• Stimulates blood flow
• Improves blood pressure

Mental Function Benefits:

• Improves mental alertness
• Reduces stress
• Improves sleep
• Improves sense of well being

Hydrothermal Therapy Benefits:

• Stimulates blood circulation
• Releases muscle tightness
• Reduces muscle and joint pain