A letter to practitioners and educators

Dear Friend,

Undoubtedly your journey in your area of specialty has been both rewarding as well as challenging. A holistic focus is a wonderful commitment often times requiring access to many different resources.

Your expertise, devotion and hard work are things you will always carry with you. Finding a place and way to deliver your specialty that is in line with your personal vision may be a continued challenge especially in today's marketplace.

Hospital based programs carry with them an agenda that may not necessarily support your goals. Being an independent practitioner brings another set of challenges?both financial as well as logistical. How do you find the best place in which to grow your practice?

Infinity Healing Center is about creative collaboration with practitioners in many specialties to create a dynamic ?whole?. We seek ways for practitioners to flourish independently ? while contributing to and benefiting from the supportive, holistically focused Center relationship?which is mindful of education, prevention and treatment.

Please take a moment (or longer) to consider how a connection with Infinity Healing Center might support your professional dream. Visit us and learn the many opportunities available for you through IHC. I would be honored to learn about your personal vision?.and share ours.


   Saeid Rahmanpanah