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Shafaw Sanctuary of Healing Lights

Welcome! . . .to the Home of Shafaw ‘Miraculous’ Healing, the Shafaw Sanctuary of Healing Lights, (the Sacred Sanctuary for Shafaw Healing) and the Healing Renaissance Clinic, (the teaching branch of Shafaw Sanctuary.) Led by Grand Master Healer Danadoost, the Shafaw Sanctuary of Healing Lights and Healing Renaissance Clinic offer a variety of Shafaw Healing Sessions, Shafaw Healing Classes, Shafaw Healing Services & Ceremonies, and Shafaw Healing Training Programs teaching how to heal. Public Shafaw Healing Sessions, done from a distance by our long term students are offered at a discount rate.

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Welcome to Breast Thermography

Our mission is to provide you with preventative and integrative health risk assessments utilizing imaging systems that are noninvasive, no radiation, no injection, pain free, low stress, high-value, economical state of the art technology. Our Thermography system assesses risk of breast cancer for early detection and prevention. Also assesses whole body for various health issues. We are committed to bringing best services for your breast health. For a Free Consultation Call (262) 783-0800 Ext. 749

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