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What is Body Thermography?
It is also known as Medical Infrared Imaging, is a painless imaging procedure that uses no radiation, injections, or other invasive methods. It is a unique test that uses sophisticated medical infrared cameras and computer systems to image your body’s surface temperature patterns. These patterns of heat are altered when biochemical messages from within the body change the amount of heat given off at the surface of the skin. The test is painless, economical, FDA approved as an adjunctive imaging procedure, and requires only an hour of your time.

What Does Body Thermography Offer?
The technology may provide both an early warning system and a method of analysis that may get to the cause of a problem that is not responding to treatment. Unlike other forms of imaging that detect structural changes such as a tumor or a broken bone, infrared imaging looks at the body’s subtle chemical and nervous system signals. These biochemical signals may aid in finding the cause of a current problem or one far in advance of changes that can be seen on other tests. It may take a long time for a condition to develop. Body Thermography may be able to provide an early warning. If the signals are an early warning, your doctor may be able to outline a method for preventing future problems before they cause irreversible damage.


Some of the Conditions that have Associated Infrared Thermal Markers:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Stroke
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Sports Injuries
  • Circulation Problems
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Chronic Pain Conditions
  • And many others

Who Benefits From Body Thermography?
Everyone! Especially health conscious individuals who are looking for an important tool to add to their regular preventive health care. Infrared imaging may also give your doctor the information he or she needs to get to the cause of a current problem. By notifying you of a current problem that is going undetected, or possibly providing an early warning, Body Thermography may be able to help you with health problems that rob you from enjoying life.

Early Detection for Your Family
Body Thermography helps in the prevention and early detection of disease. Your doctor may use infrared imaging as part of your yearly physical exam or to investigate a problem you may be experiencing. If your doctor is not currently using infrared imaging, you are free to call for an appointment without the need for a referral. We would be glad to provide your doctor with a complete report. Infrared imaging may be exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to watching your health over time, or in trying to determine the cause of a current problem. Medical Infrared imaging is one of the most exciting and innovative imaging procedures of the 21st century.

Is Thermography of Full Body an Alternative to an MRI or CT Scan?
Absolutely not! The technologies are completely different. MRI and CT are structural imaging procedures. Infrared imaging is an adjunctive physiologic imaging procedure that does not look inside the body. If you are interested in looking for structural changes such as a tumor, arteries of the heart, colon views, or views of the female reproductive organs, then MRI, CT, or EBT would be the right choices. If you are in chronic pain, or interested in prevention, infrared imaging may be able to help you. Infrared imaging does not replace any other form of imaging, but is designed to be used in addition to other tests to provide physiological information that cannot be obtained from other examination procedures. Adding infrared imaging to your regular health care may help you in improving your quality of life.

How May Full Body Thermography Help Me?
The key to maintaining your health is prevention. It is far easier to care for the first indications that something is wrong than to try and fix a problem that has caused significant damage. Many patients are also confused with regard to their condition. For example, patients with chronic pain who have had treatment with little or no relief may have been treated for the wrong condition. Infrared imaging has helped many patients get to the cause of their condition so that proper treatment can be rendered.

What Is The Procedure Like?
After completing a health history form, you will be taken to a special temperature controlled imaging room. You will be asked to wear a gown and wait for a brief period while your body acclimates to the temperature of the room. The gown will be removed to expose the skin as multiple images are taken of the surface of the body. The whole procedure takes about one hour. You will be provided a written report in about 2 weeks with copies sent to your health care provider at your request.

What Makes Body Thermography Different From Other Tests?
The greatest difference lies in the type of information you get. For example, CT, MRI, and EBT look into the body for structural changes such as tumors. If no tumor is found, does this mean you’re in good health? The majority of health problems that affect us do not come in the form of tumors. Many of the health problems that slowly evolve and rob you of your quality of life may not be detected by CT, MRI, or EBT. Infrared imaging provides a different way of examining the body. By imaging physiology rather than structure, infrared imaging is unique in that it looks at how the body is functioning. Infrared imaging is an additional procedure that your doctor may use along with other tests to evaluate your health. Keep in mind that like MRI, CT, EBT and other imaging procedures, infrared imaging does not provide a diagnosis. Only your doctor can provide you with a diagnosis.

Note: Infrared imaging cannot be used as a “body scan” to look inside the body for the spread of cancer. Please see your doctor for appropriate tests and imaging if you have this concern.

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