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Your body produces many different types of hormones and without them you could not live. They are chemical messengers circulating in your bloodstream and orchestrating continuous activity in your cells and organs. Proper hormone balance is critical to your health. (Women’s Health Connections, Vol. 8, #3)

The term “bioidentical” refers to hormones, while created in a lab, have the same molecular structure as your own hormones. Therefore, your body “recognizes” them and generates the same physiologic response as with hormones produced in the body. This results in minimal to no side effects as might result from a pharmaceutically made compound.

Numerous studies and clinical trials have been done on hormone therapy, especially for menopausal women. It is important to know the difference between bioidentical preparations and those that are not, when reading and interpreting these results.
Hormone preparations vary and one type does not suit every patient. Pills, troches, creams, gels, suppositories and injections are all available. Compounded hormone preparations are made by a specialized pharmacy that can make any of these forms in any dosage required. Because one size does not fit all!

Some of the advantages to properly balanced hormones includes increased energy; restful, restorative sleep; improved memory; improved immune response; decreased risk for osteoporosis and increased libido or sex drive. Hormone imbalance is a thing of the past with proper testing and bioidentical hormone replenishment.

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